I’ve been working with Unity now, pushing to learn the language of C# and the program itself and it’s been quite the journey this past week. Most of the material I’ve been learning is from the Unity Learn website, but also from the “Unity Game Development Cookbook” by O’Reilly Publishing.

Here are some useful tips and functions that I will continue to reference as they will really help me out as I work on my personal project, hopefully they will help you too.

Spawning New Obstacles Every Few Seconds. Here we need to use the “Invoke Repeating” Method and call…

My adventure getting started in Unity

First you need to get Unity Hub, create a personal account for free and then go ahead and download Unity. Once you’re all set with your license you can easily download unity through the website https://unity3d.com/get-unity/update or the hub

Unity Hub Download Setup Page

Your license will automatically be added and Unity Visual Studio will download approximately 1.3 gb of data to your disk. Through the Hub they have lot’s of different features — along with install base.

You can checkout the tutorials, learn how to create specific projects and also start and create your own project.

A few steps you can use to help you get started with image recognition in ruby

This blog post is documentation through my journey through the Google API documentation, which you can view here

Google Cloud Vision is an API allowing developers to understand the content of an image, by implementing Google Machine learning and artificial intelligence learning models. Some interesting use cases of image recognition include.

Competitive Landscape

courtesy of kairos

Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are the most popular vision API’s and although each of the companies has the same end-user result, I choose to work with Google because it connects…

Using the Web Audio Api, here’s my process to leveraging the initial setup to create a React music player. Thank you to Mozilla and Web Audio Api for the wonderful documentation to help me complete this tutorial. This player gives you the ability to pause/play a track, add and remove gain and also pan the audio from left to right. If I have enough time, I will try to implement the drag and drop interface to enable custom sliders. Let’s get started!

First things first, let’s create a new react project

npx create-react-app spatialsound

If you’d like to set up…

Here’s my method for creating a drag and drop system in React. It’s not too complicated and I’m excited to share my process with you in this blogpost.

First let’s create a new React app.

npx create-react-app emoji-fun-app

I entitled it “emoji-fun-app” because I think it would be cool to drag around emojis and create different ‘scenes’

To get started I start by restructuring my App.js file, turn it into a class and removing any unnecessary details. The isn’t going to do much, it’s only going to fetch the API for Emojis and hold our components .

I downloaded every…

Things are off to a great start learning Swift! I’ve been enjoying the Stanford lectures (CS193P). To better internalize the reading assignment, I’m going to code along here, and review my thought process. Since I’m not in a physical class, this gives me a great opportunity to express myself and internalize my thoughts as I learn the vigorous course material.

The layout for today's blog post will be the following. To the best of my ability, I will read and then summarize a certain section in the Swift Documentation, afterwords I will showcase an example to demonstrate the concept.

Type Safety and Type Inference


I’m new to Swift, but here goes nothing. My first to-do list app in a new language! I’m going to walk you through the steps I’m taking to make it happen — I will for sure be working closely with documentation at the same time. So onto creating a basic to-do list app using the swift command line, arrays, and some functions. All of this is going to be done in the Xcode playground. If you don't have Xcode downloaded — use this link to download and install the necessary files to follow along. Also, I would like to have…

Exploring the React 360 Framework and Visualizing 3D models

Thanks for reading…

To get started let’s go ahead and set up React and Download the necessary frameworks —

npm install -g react-360-cli

Great, now that you have the latest version of React 360 installed on your machine we can now create a new project on our system.

Make sure you CD into the proper directory

CD Blogposts 

Once you’re in the proper folder execute

react-360 init My3DProject

After the init statement you can name your project anything. …

My personal journey through Expo and Viro

I was extremely excited to try out React Native, lots of the features appealed to me. Ability to code javascript on iOS, Live previews on your device and on the iOS simulator. Cross-platform coding from the language we learned in school seemed like a no-brainer so I had to give it a shot. Ooo also, if I’m doing a mobile app, I might as well do it in augmented reality. Wishful thinking, I didn’t realize yet.

Things started off well, I started googling

and found some promising results.

Very cool, this video showed…

Leveraging React Native and Viro

To get started, make sure you have Homebrew, Node and Watchman installed. Thank you viro for your documentation and quick start guides which you can find here, I recommend you check those out after reading through this blogpost

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"

homebrew install command

brew install node

node install command

yum install watchman

install watchman

npm install -g react-native-cli

install the react command line interface

npm install -g react-viro-cli

install the Viro Command Line Interface

npm install -g react-viro-cli

Generate a new project

Now that all of that is set up the first thing we want to…

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